b4w0050252.jpg b4w0050251.gif
    Trip leaders Doug Ohm and Bob Smith
b4w0050249.jpg b4w0050248.jpg b4w0050247.jpg b4w0050246.jpg b4w0050245.jpg b4w0050244.jpg b4w0050243.jpg b4w0050242.jpg b4w0050241.jpg b4w0050240.jpg b4w0050239.jpg b4w0050238.jpg b4w0050237.jpg
  Trip Leader Bob Walters with Oscaróphotographer Joyce Hammond
b4w0050236.jpg b4w0050235.jpg b4w0050234.jpg b4w0050233.jpg b4w0050232.jpg b4w0050231.jpg b4w0050230.jpg b4w0050229.jpg
                                       SECRET PASS/RIDGESóJANUARY 3, 2016 
                                                                                         Report Bob Smith, photos Joan Beck
     First scheduled run of 2016. Great turn out. 16 Jeeps. We started at Hwy 68 with 15 and proceeded up the hill to meet up with Joan at the big power line. There were a few problems with Doug's new Purple Monster [Chicken]. He was able to remedy the issues and away we went. Some where along the way a cell phone was misplaced but successfully recovered [Chicken]. Although two guests earned the chicken, Bob was generous and only passed it to members.
     We arrived at the entrance to Secret Pass and the fun began. Howard and Gladys chose to wait for us at the kiosk. I am very proud of the newer drivers that were taking on the more difficult obstacles. They all did a great job!!! There were a few hang ups but do not believe anybody had any major damage. [One more chicken though.]
     On the way out Joan led half of the group to Egar so some could see the football game (football or jeeping??) anyway some had a long trip back to Lake Havasu City. Thank You Joan The rest of us ran The Ridges and really enjoyed the scenery. There was no wind. First time ever for me. Very little haze so we could see a long way. Thanks to all of you that shared the great day. I really appreciate your participation, Bob.
b4w0050228.jpg b4w0050227.jpg b4w0050226.jpg b4w0050225.jpg b4w0050224.jpg b4w0050223.jpg b4w0050222.jpg b4w0050221.jpg b4w0050220.jpg b4w0050219.jpg b4w0050218.jpg b4w0050217.jpg b4w0050216.jpg b4w0050215.jpg
                                          THUMB BUTTE LOOP--1/30/2016 
                                                        Report by Tom Pipkin, photos by Tom, Dave Thomas and Jim Schweibert
The Thumb Butte run went very well. We had 11 vehicles. The weather was perfect. the wind didn't start until we finished the run. One guest vehicle. No break downs and no fatalities (always a good thing). Glad to report nothing else to report.
b4w0050214.jpg b4w0050213.jpg b4w0050212.jpg b4w0050211.jpg b4w0050210.jpg b4w0050209.jpg b4w0050208.jpg b4w0050207.jpg b4w0050206.jpg b4w0050205.jpg b4w0050204.jpg b4w0050203.jpg b4w0050202.jpg b4w0050201.jpg b4w0050200.jpg b4w0050199.jpg b4w0050198.jpg
                                       THE GREAT CIRCLE RUN--2/14/2016 
                                                                    Report by Tom Pipkin, photos by Tom; Joyce Hammond
The run went very smoothly, 23 vehicles and lots of people. We had 3 guest vehicles. The weather was great. No chickens on this run. 12 "light weights" left the run right after lunch but the A team continued on and we finished just before 2:00 p.m. A couple drivers did brave a climb up a waterfall. It must have been at least three feet high. Ooh Rah!
b4w0050197.jpg b4w0050196.jpg b4w0050195.jpg b4w0050194.jpg b4w0050193.jpg b4w0050192.jpg b4w0050191.jpg b4w0050190.jpg b4w0050189.jpg b4w0050188.jpg
                                     CANDY A$$--WILD AND MILD--2/21/2016 
                                                                               Report Joan Beck, photos Wayne Jack
They kept coming and coming and coming! What a turnout for this lovely, but windy spring day. Doug Ohm did a terific job leading his followers with Gavin Van Hook bouncing all over the place spotting most of the middle section. Bob Smith did an equally terrific job as tail-gunner and they successfully got everyone through the gnarly canyon with no damage to anyone's pride or vehicle--nothing shameful about a little tug from a strap. Guess who also had a splendid day? You guessed it--the chicken!!!
b4w0050187.jpg b4w0050186.jpg b4w0050185.jpg b4w0050184.jpg b4w0050183.jpg b4w0050182.jpg b4w0050181.jpg b4w0050180.jpg b4w0050179.jpg b4w0050178.jpg b4w0050177.jpg b4w0050176.jpg b4w0050175.jpg b4w0050174.jpg b4w0050173.jpg b4w0050172.jpg b4w0050171.jpg b4w0050170.jpg b4w0050169.jpg b4w0050168.jpg b4w0050167.jpg b4w0050166.jpg b4w0050165.jpg b4w0050164.jpg b4w0050163.jpg
                           DOUG OHM'S DINNER RUN TO THE CERBATS--3/5/2016
                                                                                         Photos by Jim Schweibert
b4w0050162.jpg b4w0050161.jpg b4w0050160.jpg b4w0050159.jpg b4w0050158.jpg b4w0050157.jpg b4w0050156.jpg b4w0050155.jpg b4w0050154.jpg b4w0050153.jpg b4w0050152.jpg b4w0050151.jpg b4w0050150.jpg b4w0050149.jpg b4w0050148.jpg b4w0050147.jpg b4w0050146.jpg b4w0050145.jpg b4w0050144.jpg
                                                    RAZZLE DAZZLE
                                                                  Trip leader Gavin van Hook--photos Joan Beck--March 16, 2016
The chicken was only fed once on this run--Twila Douglass insisted she be given the bird since she and William along with Doug Ohm, Joan Beck and passenger Phil had to retrace the run to find her cell phone. It was a successful find! Our fearless leader's rig decided to give him a hard time with a broken leaf spring which he and Doug Ohm quickly repaired. Since Gavin led the run he decided the chicken was not worthy of his donation. A beautiful run with a lot of fun and enough challenges to make everyone happy.
b4w0050143.jpg b4w0050142.jpg b4w0050141.jpg b4w0050140.jpg b4w0050139.jpg b4w0050138.jpg b4w0050137.jpg b4w0050136.jpg b4w0050135.jpg b4w0050134.jpg
                                                 COW CREEK--3/20/2016
                                                                                   Trip leader Bob Smith--photos Joan Beck, Brad Morrison
Doug McKay was the happy chicken recipient due to a broken axle u-joint but was able to continue the run due to a temporary fix by Doug Ohm with help from Mac Ruiz. Doug O dragged Doug M up and down steep tough trails all the way to the highway. From there Doug M made it home without incident. Otherwise it was a terrific run with some early cactus blooms enjoyed by the gang. [Ed]
b4w0050133.jpg b4w0050132.jpg b4w0050131.jpg b4w005009.jpg b4w005007.jpg b4w005006.jpg b4w005002.jpg b4w005001.jpg
                             CASTLE MOUNTAIN, GHOST TOWN AND GOLD MINES
                                                                    Report by Wayne Jack; photos by Jim Schweibert--3/26/16
It was a cool sunny day as 16 vehicles left Searchlight to explore the Castle Mountains. We visited the old town of Juan before heading south along the East Mohave Heritage Trail which dates back to the 1800s. The segment we ran has not changed in 140 years when it was a wagon road that started in Needles and went northwest. We moved along checking the wildflowers that were in full bloom and the craggy peaks of the Castle Mountains which were a constant reminder of how remote, desolate and yet beautiful the desert can be in the spring. Along the route we passed Stray Cow Well, Jack's Well and an old
windmill before makinig our last stop to check out some petroglyphs and then move on to our final destination at CAL-NEV-ARI.
b4w0050130.jpg b4w0050129.jpg b4w0050128.jpg b4w0050127.jpg b4w0050126.jpg b4w0050125.jpg b4w0050124.jpg
                                                    MOSS WASH- 3/27/2016
                                                                  Trip leader Mac Ruiz--tail gunner, Joan Beck, Photos Joan Beck
Five vehicles and nine drivers/passengers lucked out with perfect wheeling weather. Leaving at 9:10 from Love's Truck Stop we managed to get to the Hualapai Resort by 3:00 p.m., mainly because Mac pushed us knowing what a long trail we were tackling. He did allow us a welcome lunch break at noon where we enjoyed the Gold King Mansion then another break at the abandoned Mica Giant Mine where we looked at beautiful rocks laced with mica and picked up samples. We also enjoyed a respite at the Wild Cow Springs Campground where a large family group was enjoying the Easter Sunday holiday with a picnic--a beautiful place to celebrate the day. Surprisingly, we encountered no other vehicles on the trail.GuestsEric, Vanessa and Donovan Sin from Prescott, had a great time with Vanessa driving her 2007 four door. It was her third time driving a challenging trail and she did a superb job. Brad Morrison drove his amazing Jeep Comanche with precision and expertise. What a driver and what a rig! Son Jeremy shared the driving in Bob Smith's Jeep with both enjoying the challenges and the gorgeous day. Phil Strittmatter's Jeep was down again; but he managed to have a good time and acted as my "navigator." Unlike the rest of us the chicken had a disappointing, sad day. Thanks for a terrific run, Mac.
b4w0050123.jpg b4w0050122.jpg b4w0050121.jpg b4w0050120.jpg b4w0050119.jpg b4w0050118.jpg b4w0050117.jpg b4w0050116.jpg b4w0050115.jpg b4w0050114.jpg b4w0050113.jpg b4w0050112.jpg b4w0050111.jpg b4w0050110.jpg b4w0050109.jpg b4w0050108.jpg b4w0050107.jpg
Trip leader Howard Grimm, photos by Jim Schweibert
A no dust trip. It was "A ride in the Park" except! Howard Grimm requested a couple of rain clouds to reduce the dust for the run. You know what happened the two rain clouds had friends (more rain clouds) things got out of control! Thus we had some washouts--some "large rocks" to crawl over and water where we have not had water in five years, and mud! It was a beautiful, no dust "Ride in the Park"! Thanks to the pre-run people and thanks to everyone who had fun with us. Howard.
b4w0050106.jpg b4w0050105.jpg b4w0050104.jpg b4w0050103.jpg
                          Trip leader Doug Ohm. Trip Report by Karen Beck, photos by Karen Beck, Dave Thomas and Jim Schweibert
     It was a cool crisp morning and we were all excited with anticipation as we left Silver Creek with 15 Jeeps heading off to the Amusement Park for a day of fun. Doug Ohm led us in his purple monster--his Jeep, that he just finished but it is still a work in progress.
     The trails rolled up and down, twisted lleft, twisted right. When we got to the Merry-go-round some watched while others went in and went around. We then headed off for the tall roller coaster section of the run. You needed to use your lockers and of course 4-wheel drive then with power up you go. You don't want to back off, keep the pedal to the metal. A few didn't want to try it so George led them aorund the hill. We continued on where we had a guest get a flat tire, it was almost to the spot for lunch so we helped him and also had lunch.
     After lunch Doug led us to a beautiful canyon where we met up with some side-by-sides looking at the view then back up to Silver Creek where we separated to go hme. Great run.
b4w0050102.jpg b4w0050101.jpg b4w0050100.jpg b4w005099.jpg b4w005098.jpg b4w005097.jpg b4w005096.jpg b4w005095.jpg b4w005094.jpg b4w005093.jpg b4w005092.jpg b4w005091.jpg b4w005090.jpg
Trip leader, Wayne Jack--photos by Wayne Jack and Jim Schweibert
b4w005089.jpg b4w005088.jpg b4w005087.jpg b4w005086.jpg b4w005085.jpg b4w005084.jpg b4w005083.jpg b4w005082.jpg b4w005081.jpg
Trip leader Doug Ohm--tail gunner Bob Smith, photos Joan Beck
     A very gorgeous cool day for the 12 vehicles, drivers and passengers that turned out to enjoy the scenic, challenging trail. After airing down our first visit was to the chloride Rock House, or, the House of Soiled Doves. Paula Ohm printed copies of Chloride's history for us with a brief history about the house. "We start with a dream that a naval officer had...he dream't of drowning...and this bothered him dearly...so...he left the Navy...only to come to Chloride AZ...he built a rock house here, down the road from the town...got interested in mining...We believe his shaft...is still there at the site...the rest of the story...he accidentally slipped, and lost his footing...while down in the shaft, and drowned, yes, drowned...so his property was up for taxes...and some one bought the estate...and...the buyer...to get his money back...opened up a house of soiled doves...and to this day the house still can be remembered as the house of ill-repute...but, not many people remember the true story of a man dreaming of drowning. The house is known here..As the Rock House...down on Silver Sage Road...and it is still vacant...minus a roof...I'm sure that you have been here, because I saw some of your collections...any way...enjoy our west, it will not last much longer...I love your ADAGE...Shoot nothing...but your camera...leave nothing...but your foot prints...Happy Trails to you...Doc. B."
     Thank you Doug and Paula--a great run--and thanks to Yesterday's Restaurant for a super lunch. [Ed]
b4w005080.jpg b4w005077.jpg b4w005076.jpg b4w005075.jpg
Report Joan Beck--photos Wayne Hinrichsen, Joan Beck
     Once again, Mother Nature blessed us with absolutely perfect wheeling weather. Although only six vehicles and seven members participated, we managed to accomplish a lot. The kiosk at the highway entrance now has a new map and a few new flyers. On to the next kiosk at the lower entrance to the Princess trail. In addition to trimming brush, the flyers were in bad shape so were replaced. We then trimmed a lot of brush along Shack Wash. Off to Miller's Extension--the trail was in good shape. On to Hell's Half Mile with four rigs while Wayne Hinrichsen and Bob Seibert took the go-around (known as Hub Hill). Wayne reported it is no longer rated a 3 as it now requires lockers front and rear. We then made it quite easily through Evil, Nasty Black Rock then up to the white rocks for a lunch break. We headed up Shale Hill to the last kiosk; met three nicely setup side x sides on their way down the Princess; chatted a bit then turned our attention to the kiosk which had been shotgun blasted. Using pocket knives the two Bobs scraped and smoothed the battered particle board so we could cover the holes with flyers and a new map. We taped the Plexiglas to prevent rain from doing further damage. Back down the mountain to the parking area where we said our goodbyes. A successful cleanup! Four cans and a piece of side door panel. Bob S. got the chicken--had to take a strap.
b4w005074.jpg b4w005073.jpg b4w005072.jpg b4w005071.jpg b4w005070.jpg b4w005069.jpg b4w005068.jpg b4w005067.jpg b4w005066.jpg b4w005065.jpg b4w005064.jpg b4w005063.jpg b4w005062.jpg b4w005061.jpg b4w005060.jpg b4w005059.jpg b4w005058.jpg b4w005057.jpg b4w005056.jpg b4w005055.jpg b4w005054.jpg
Trip leader Joan Beck--tail gunner Bob Smith, photos Bob Seibert, Joan Beck
Thanks to all for the nice turnout. seven Jeeps and one guest in his Yahama Rhino. We had a great day as did the chicken. Two contributors, Bob Seibert and Steven Koester. The April/early May rains had taken away our fun challenges by adding a lot of sand to the base of the steeper ledges, pretty easy now. Still enough fun to keep us all happy. Thanks for tail-gunning Bob and Marsha. Mike, we enjoyed having you and Roxie as our guests. [Ed]
b4w005053.jpg b4w005052.jpg b4w005051.jpg b4w005050.jpg b4w005049.jpg b4w005048.jpg b4w005047.jpg b4w005046.jpg b4w005045.jpg b4w005044.jpg b4w005043.jpg b4w005042.jpg b4w005041.jpg b4w005040.jpg b4w005039.jpg b4w005038.jpg b4w005037.jpg b4w005036.jpg b4w005035.jpg b4w005034.jpg b4w005033.jpg b4w005032.jpg b4w005031.jpg b4w005030.jpg b4w005029.jpg b4w005028.jpg b4w005027.jpg
R E C E N T   R U N S
Trip leader Bob Smith, tail gunner K Broadie--photos Bob Seibert, Joan Beck, report Joan Beck
Weather forecast Friday, 5/20/16: "Many gusts on some ridges, through passes and wide valleys, can reach 40-60 mph. A few gusts can reach 65 mph," according to AccuWeather Lead Storm Warning Meteorologist Eddie Walker.
     A few weeks ago Bob provided us with heavy downpours on Bull Mountain and on this day found us winds in the 40--60 mph range. Eight rigs with 14 eager participants enjoyed the new-for-some-of-us trail. We made a perfect loop starting in Golden Valley toward the old county seat of Cerbat, then up to the top of the Cerbat Mountains and back down--about a six hour run. There were quite a few challenges and lots of narrow steep drop-offs, not too bad as long as you kept your eyes on the trail. Bob found a short, rocky challenge in a wash for three of our rigs while others stayed on the trail--it was fun.
     Bob had planned a mile-high lunch stop near the top of the mountain but because of the forceful winds, he and Marsha found a neat, out-of-the wind turnoff that was perfect for our lunch break. After a fun, relaxing rest we moved on. At the top of the pass as we turned a sharp corner heading downhill the wind was so strong I thought my Jeep had a problem--the wind was almost pushing it backward.
     All along the trails we enjoyed terrific views looking west and east. Everywhere we focused there seemed to be roads and mine diggings--what incredibly rugged country for those amazing early miners. There were still plenty of flowers for us to appreciate, in addition to many hillsides completely covered with prickly pear cactus, their yellow flowers lighting up the terrain--occasionally we would see brilliant displays of beaver tail cactus. All in all a gorgeous day and a terrific run with stops to check out abandoned mines and remains of demolished buildings. Thank you Bob, Marsha and K.
b4w005026.jpg b4w005025.jpg b4w005024.jpg b4w005023.jpg b4w005022.jpg b4w005021.jpg b4w005020.jpg b4w005019.jpg b4w005018.jpg b4w005017.jpg b4w005016.jpg b4w005015.jpg b4w005014.jpg b4w005013.jpg b4w005012.jpg b4w005011.jpg b4w005010.jpg b4w005009.jpg b4w005008.jpg b4w005007.jpg b4w005006.jpg b4w005005.jpg b4w005004.jpg b4w005003.jpg b4w005002.jpg b4w005001.jpg